Iran, North Korea, and Syria Sanctions Consolidation Act of 2011

May 23, 2011
May 23, 2011
Referred to Senate (sub)committee

60 cosponsors

This bill contains many of the same provisions tightening sanctions against companies doing business in Iran and against members of the Iranian government and military as H.R. 1905 of 5/13/11.

Sen. Mark Steven Kirk (R-IL), one of several Senators who helped author the bill, announced the bill’s introduction in the Senate during his 5/23 speech at the 2011 America Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference. The following day, thousands of AIPAC supporters who attended the conference held scheduled meetings with all 100 Senators and/or their staffs. Professional AIPAC lobbyists prepared the rank and file supporters on how to conduct these meetings and instructed them to press their Senators to support this bill and three other specific pieces of legislation.

AIPAC also posted a list on its website identifying each Senator who cosponsored this bill as well as a list of the Senators who did not sign on to the legislation. It also set up a platform on its website that enabled AIPAC supporters to send their Senators a form email urging them to support this bill.

This bill was also a top priority during the Christian’s United for Israel (CUFI) 7/21/11 lobbying effort on Capitol Hill.

See also: similar measure H.R. 1905 of 5/13/11

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Sanctions on Iran’s financial sector: H.R. 740 of 2/16/11, S. 366 of 2/16/11, H.R. 1540 of 4/14/11, H.R. 1905 of 5/13/11, S. Amdt. 1414 to S. 1867 of 11/15/11, H.R. 3439, H.R. 3508 11/22/11

Further Iran sanctions: H.R. 1655 of 4/15/11, H.R. 2105 of 6/3/11, S. 1496 of 8/2/11, H.R. 2998 of 9/21/11 and S. 1619 of 9/22/11

AIPAC’s legislative priorities: S. Res. 180 of 5/11/11, H. Res. 268 of 5/13/11, S. Res. 185 of 5/16/11

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