Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2002

July 13, 2001
November 28, 2001
Became Public Law

No cosponsors

The section on the State Department includes:
Israeli-Arab Scholarship Program: Provides the available interest from the endowment set up to support this program to be expended on the program, $375,000.
Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation: Includes a prohibition against the U.S. using funds from this act to assist the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation. The final House committee report (107-278, 11/9/01) to the bill explains further: “Training that supports accurate and responsible broadcasting is not included among the types of assistance prohibited. The conferees agree that neither the Department of State, nor the BBG [Broadcasting Board of Governors], shall provide any assistance to the PBC that could support restrictions of press freedoms or the broadcasting of inaccurate, inflammatory messages.”
Egypt: The original House report (107-139, 7/13/01) cites concern about “government-sanctioned, anti-Israel and anti-Copt press activities” in Egypt and encourages the Department of State to use “every opportunity to encourage Egypt to grant the same basic rights to all its citizens.”

See also: companion measure S. 1215 on 7/20/01.

Became public law 107-077 (11/14/01 conference report passed House 411-15; 11/15/01 conference report passed Senate 98-1)


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