Encouraging the U.S. to sign the Oslo Declaration banning cluster munitions

June 3, 2008
June 3, 2008
Referred to Senate (sub)committee

12 cosponsors

The convention, agreed to (2/2007) in Norway by 111 countries (the U.S. did not participate), requires signatories to stop producing and using cluster munitions and to eliminate their stockpiles in 8 years. Declaring that the U.S. maintains 5.5 m. cluster bombs containing 728.5 m. submunitions with a 5–15% dud rate, the resolution recognizes U.S. law (public law 110-161) stating that cluster munitions can have no more than a 1% dud rate. The convention was to be signed 12/2008. Congressional action calling for the regulation of cluster munitions began after the war between Hizballah and Israel in 2006 during which the Israeli army fired cluster munitions containing 4 m. submunitions into southern Lebanon.

See also: companion measure H.J. Res. 91 of 6/5/08, and related measures S. 594 of 2/14/07, H.R. 1755 of 3/29/07, and H.R. 2764 of 6/18/07.

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