Expressing solidarity with Israel in Israel's defense against terrorism in the Gaza Strip

January 6, 2009
January 6, 2009
Referred to Senate (sub)committee

No cosponsors.

Would declare Congress’ support for additional U.S. assistance to help Israel defend itself. Would condemn Hamas for ending the ceasefire and both Hamas and Islamic Jihad for firing rockets into civilian areas. Would urge all Arab states to “declare strong opposition to terrorism” and all parties in the Middle East to pursue peace in the region; and express commitment to “working to promote economic relations, bilateral trade, and partnerships in technology and alternative energy” between the U.S. and Israel “in order to stimulate the economies of both the United States and Israel in this time of crisis.”

See also: similar measures H. Res. 34 and S. Res. 10 of 1/8/09; related measures H. Res. 37 of 1/9/09, H. Res. 66 of 1/15/09, H. Res. 130 of 2/4/09, H. Res. 557 of 6/18/09, and H. Res. 867 of 10/23/09. Further provisions expressing Congress’ support for Israel’s right of self-defense also appear in H.R. 2410 of 5/14/09 and H.R. 2475 of 5/19/09.

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