The Kenneth M. Ludden Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, Fiscal Year 2002

July 17, 2001
January 10, 2002
Became Public Law

No cosponsors

Provides Israel with: $720m Economic Support, $60m for refugees from the former Soviet Union and E. Europe resettling in Israel, $2.04b Foreign military financing available in cash in 30 days and of which, $535m may be used in Israel for research and development of defense articles.
Conditions funds to be made for a headquarters contribution to the Red Cross under the Migration and Refugee Account on the Mogen David Adom Society not being denied participation in the ICRC.
Also conditions funds under Non-Proliferation and Demining Regulation available to the International Atomic Energy Agency on Israel not being denied its right to participate in the activities of the Agency,
Arab League Boycott: Calls for the immediate termination of the Arab League boycott of Israel and the normalization of relations between all the League’s countries and Israel.
Restrictions Concerning the PA: prohibits using funds appropriated by this act from being used to construct a new office within existing U.S. government buildings in Jerusalem where official U.S. and PA business would be conducted. It allows for incidental occasions and social activities between U.S. and PA officials but encourages official business to take place in locales outside of Jerusalem.
Assistance for the Middle East: The bill caps total assistance to the Middle East through any of 6 different accounts or programs to$5,141,150,000, which can be made available to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, the Israel-Lebanon Monitoring Group, the Multinational Force and Observers, the Middle East Regional Democracy Fund, Middle East Regional Cooperation, and Middle East Multilateral Working Groups.
Commercial Leasing of Defense Articles: Allows usage of the financing sections of the Arms Export Control Act of 1961 to be used in financing Israel, Egypt, and other major non-NATO allies for procurement by leasing of defense articles produced in the U.S.
Limitation on Assistance for the PLO for the West Bank and Gaza: Prohibits U.S. assistance from going to the PLO in the WB or Gaza unless the president has exercised the authority under section 604(a) of the Middle East Peace Facilitation Act of 1995 (title VI of Public Law 104-107), allowing him to waive sanctions on the PLO.
PLO Compliance Report: Requests that the president submit a report to Congress assessing the PLO’s compliance with its “commitments to renounce the use of terrorism and all other acts of violence” and take control of its territory. The it is shown that the LO has not responded satisfactorily, the following suggestions are proposed: 1) withdraw the presidential waiver that allows for the maintenance of a PA office in the U.S. and reduce its capacity to that of an information office as existed prior to the Oslo Accords; 2) designate the PLO or one or more of its constituent groups a foreign terrorist organization; 3) end U.S. assistance to the WB and Gaza except for humanitarian aid. Finally, this section allows a presidential waiver over all sanctions.
Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation: Prohibits all U.S. assistance to the PBC.
West Bank and Gaza program: Requires the secy. of state 30 days before obligation of any U.S. assistance to the WB and Gaza to report to Congress on the mechanisms established to ensure that the comptroller general has access to all U.S. financial information for the WB and Gaza program.

Became public law 107-115 (12/19/01 CRPH 357-66; 12/20/01 CRPS by unanimous consent).


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