A resolution to express the sense of the Senate that Israel has an undeniable right to self-defense, and to condemn the recent destabilizing actions by extremists aboard the ship Mavi Marmara.

June 9, 2010
June 24, 2010
Passed in Senate

14 cosponsors

Further expresses the sense of the Senate that Israel has an inherent and undeniable right to defend itself against any threat; to condemn any future attempts to break the blockade of Gaza; to condemn Hamas for not recognizing Israel’s right to exist, committing abuses in Gaza, and rejecting the peace process; to condemn Iran for supporting Hamas; and to encourage Turkey to recognize the importance of continued strong relations with Israel and closely scrutinize organizations with potential ties to terrorist groups.

See also: similar measure H. Res. 1440 of 6/14/10; related measures H. Res. 1241 of 4/13/10, H.R. 5351 of 5/20/10, S. Res. 548 of 6/9/10, H.R. 5501 6/10/10, H. Res. 1440 of 6/14/10, H. Res. 15322 of 7/15/10, H. Res. 1553 of 7/22/10, H. Res. 1599 of 7/30/10, and H. Con. Res. 315 of 9/14/10.

Passed in Senate by voice vote.

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