Stop Funding Terrorism Act

September 10, 2014
September 10, 2014
Referred to House (sub)committee

Like its companion measure in the Senate, S. 2265 of 4/29/14, this bill would forbid any U.S. direct aid, loan guarantees, or debt relief to the PA, unless the president certified that the PA had fulfilled a series of obligations, including a formal recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, renouncing terrorism, purging individuals with terrorist ties from security services, ending funding for ‘incitement,’ publicly pledging not to engage in war with Israel, and honoring previous diplomatic agreements.

It was introduced 6 days after Fatah and Hamas officials in Gaza announced a reconciliation deal, which projected a timeline for elections and led to the formation of a PA unity government on 6/2/14.

On 5/1, Sen. Paul made a speech on the Senate floor calling for this bill to be immediately discharged from committee and passed by unanimous consent. Chairman of the Foreign Relations Comm. and longtime AIPAC ally, Robert Menendez (D-NJ), objected, saying, ‘we need to allow the parties—and particularly Mr. Abbas—the time to steer back toward a productive path to peace.’

While the Zionist Organization of America supported this bill, AIPAC reportedly expressed reservations about it to key legislators.

This version was introduced in response the Obama administration’s announcement on 6/2 that it would maintain aid to the newly formed PA unity government, which comprised independent politicians and was based on the 4/23 Palestinian national reconciliation agreement.

1 cosponsor (1R).

Last major action: 9/10/14 Referred to the House Comm. on Foreign Affairs.

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