Syria Accountability Act of 2003

May 1, 2003
May 1, 2003
Referred to Senate (sub)committee

81 cosponsors.

Under the ‘Findings’ section: Israel has withdrawn all of its forces from Lebanon as per UNSC Res. 425 of 3/19/1978; Syrian- and Iranian-supported Hizballah continues to attack Israeli outposts in the Shebaa farms despite Israel’s full compliance with UNSC Res. 425; Syria will not allow Lebanon to send its forces to patrol its border with Israel, which means Hizballah controls the Lebanon-Israel border and much of S. Lebanon and continues to attack Israeli positions and maintain thousands of rockets on the border, “destabilizing the entire region.” Under “Sense of Congress” section: the governments of Lebanon and Syria should enter into serious, unconditional, bilateral negotiations with Israel to achieve a full and permanent peace. Under “Statement of Policy” section: Syria’s obligation to withdraw from Lebanon is not contingent on progress in the Syrian-Israel or Lebanese-Israel peace processes but on UNSC Res. 520. The president can provide U.S. assistance to Syria if the president determines that substantial progress has been made in negotiations to achieve a peace agreement between Syria and Israel and between Lebanon and Israel.

See also: companion measure H.R. 1828 on 4/12/03.

Note: H.R. 1828 was passed instead.


Daniel Akaka(D-HI)Lamar Alexander(R-TN)Wayne Allard(R-CO)George Allen(R-VA)Max Baucus(D -MT)Evan Bayh(D-IN)Robert Bennett(R-UT)Christopher Bond(R -MO)John Breaux(D-LA)Sam Brownback(R-KS)Jim Bunning(R-KY)Max Burns(R-GA)Ben Nighthorse Campbell(R-CO)Maria Cantwell(D-WA)Tom Carper(D-DE)Saxby Chambliss(R-GA)Hillary Clinton(D-)Thad Cochran(R-MS)Norm Coleman(R-MN)Susan Collins(R-ME)Kent Conrad(D-ND)John Cornyn(R-TX)Jon Corzine(D-NJ)Larry Craig(R-ID)Mike Crapo(R-ID)Tom Daschle(D-SD)Mark Dayton(D-MN)Mike DeWine(R -OH)Christopher Dodd(D-CT)Elizabeth Dole(R-NC)Peter Domenici(R-NM)Byron Dorgan(D-ND)Dick Durbin(D-IL)John Edwards(D-NC)John Ensign(R-NV)Russ Feingold(D-WI)Dianne Feinstein(D-CA)Peter Fitzgerald(R-IL)Bob Graham(D-FL)Lindsey Graham(R-SC)Chuck Grassley(R -IA)Tom Harkin(D-IA)Orrin Hatch(R-UT)Kay Bailey Hutchison(R-TX)James Inhofe(R-OK)Daniel Inouye(D-HI)Tim Johnson(D-SD)Edward Kennedy(D-MA)John Kerry(D-MA)Herb Kohl(D-WI)Jon Kyl(R-AZ)Mary Landrieu(D-LA)Frank Lautenberg(D-NJ)Carl Levin(D-MI)Joe Lieberman(I-CT)Blanche Lincoln(D-AR)Trent Lott(R-MS)John McCain(R-AZ)Mitch McConnell(R-KY)Barbara Mikulski(D-MD)Zell Miller(D-GA)Lisa Murkowski(R-AK)Patty Murray(D-WA)Ben Nelson(D-NE)Bill Nelson(D-FL)Don Nickles(R-OK)Mark Pryor(D-AR)Jack Reed(D-RI)Harry Reid(D-NV)Rick Santorum(R-PA)Paul Sarbanes(D-MD)Charles Schumer(D-)Jeff Sessions(R-AL)Richard Shelby(R-AL)Gordon Smith(R-OR)Olympia Snowe(R-ME)Debbie Stabenow(D-MI)Ted Stevens(R-AK)James Talent(R-MO)George Voinovich(R-OH)Ron Wyden(D-OR)

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