Give States a Chance Act of 2015

November 18, 2015
December 4, 2015
Referred to House (sub)committee

Inter alia, this bill would authorize any governor to refuse resettlement of a refugee in his/her state if they had not been suitably informed of the refugee’s planned sponsorship process, were not ‘reasonably satisfied’ that the refugee did not pose a security threat, or if they had determined that the proposed resettlement location had too large a population or too large a proportion of refugees. Furthermore, all Syrian and Iraqi refugees would be denied admission to the U.S. unless the Dept. of Homeland Security certified on an individual basis that they did not pose a security threat. The FBI would be directed to ensure each refugee applicant was given a background check prior to admission.

13 cosponsors (13R).

See also: H.R. 4033, H.R. 4032, and H.R. 4030 of 11/17/15.

Last major action: 12/4/15 referred to House Subcomm. On Immigration and Border Security.

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